You may find these links useful…  The British Alpaca Society (BAS) is dedicated to the welfare of alpacas and education of their owners in the UK.  Regional alpaca group.  Camelid Veterinary Services, providing camelid reproduction services and consultancy for medical, reproductive and herd health issues affecting alpacas.  Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre, local vets.  UK based manufacturer and supplier of specialist animal feeds and supplements.  A good source for hurdles and fencing.  A good source for hurdles fencing and runs.  A good source for hay racks, water troughs etc.  Farm and small-holding supplies.  Everyday supplies for the care of alpacas and llamas.  The Alpaca Magazine is the official quarterly magazine for the BAS.  Alpaca World Magazine brings together the hot topics, research and experience from alpaca experts from around the world.  It aims to present the best advice available to new breeders.