Before purchasing alpacas it is advisable to prepare the land they are to be using.  Visit other alpaca farms to see their set-ups.

  • Ideally, set out your paddock with a handling/feeding area, which will minimise time wasting when you need to handle your alpacas.  Using a shelter with hurdles/fencing around, that can be open most of the time, but closed when you need to handle them, is ideal.
  • Make sure that you have a fresh supply of water in the paddocks.  Ideally, you would want your water troughs to be off the ground to stop badgers and other wildlife contaminating it.
  • Fencing is essential.  Close railing or sheep fencing that is 4ft high is adequate for alpacas.  Rotating paddocks reduces parasite build up, thus reducing the chance of illness.  Also check paddocks for poisonous plants eg ragwort, laurel and privet.

Now you are ready to bring your Alpacas onto your land